Lemon Health Benefits

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Lemon Health Benefits

The lemon health benefits are simply amazing! Lemons are highly antibacterial. Lemons are antiseptic. Lemons are simply amazing and can do wonders for your health. –  Lemons are rich in vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

 Treat Colds and the Flu

When suffering from a cold, lemons are essential. Lemons strengthen your immune system.  Lemon combined with honey is a well known remedy. Add a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey to a cup of boiling water.

You can also try a mixture of juice from one lemon, hot water, a couple tablespoons of honey. Add a half inch piece of cinnamon or a few cloves. Drink a glass every 3-4 hours.

Thermometer and lemon


To help fight fever make a mixture of lemon juice (about 3-4 tablespoons) and cod liver oil (about 1 teaspoon) finally add a little honey.

Take a teaspoon full of this mixture when you suspect fever is coming your way.



 Restless Legs

Those who are troubled with cramps and restless legs syndrome at night will benefit from drinking lemon juice.

Drink lemon juice in hot water right before you go to bed. This will help you get a peaceful night without the hassles of leg cramps.

 Hangover Headache

Having a headache after a hefty night out is never desirable, especially if you have an important appointment you simply can’t cancel.

Make a very strong cup of coffee and add the juice of half a lemon. Drink this mixture. That should help. If you are more of a tea person, you need to add three tablespoons of lemon to your tea. 

Before going to bed after having a couple drinks too many it is a good idea to drink a glass of water with lemon juice. 

The lemon is rich with vitamin C which will help decrease the alcohol in your liver.

 Insect Bites and Poison Ivy Burns

If you have been bitten by mosquitoes or fleas, be sure to dab some lemon juice directly on the area of the skin that has been bitten.

This is a wonderful natural remedy and will help ease the itching and swelling caused by the insect bite.

Lemons also work wonders on poison ivy burns. Your skin will heal faster if you rub slices of lemons on the rash. Continue using lemons on your on infected skin until it as good as new.

 Prevent Memory Loss

Tests have newly been done on mice concerning lemons and memory.

It showed that lemons have a positive effect to prevent memory loss. Lemons should be part of your daily diet.


Lemons are known to help reduce stress. People who are suffering stress will benefit from a larger intake of vitamin C.

Drinking a glass of lemon water daily when you get up in the morning should be an advantage. Drinking tea with lemon before you go sleep will also help to relax.

 Reduce Cholesterol

Studies have proven that one way of reducing cholesterol is to consume lemons as pectin and vitamin C lowers the level of cholesterol.

Lemons contain both pectin and vitamin C. By including a lemon and lemon zest in your daily diet, the cholesterol level will be reduced. Please also consult with your doctor.

 Kidney Stones

Drink a glass of water containing a teaspoon of lemon juice daily. This will help prevent kidney stones. Drinking lemon water will also assist the curing of the most common kidney stones.

 Paper Cuts

Paper cuts can be painful. To relieve the pain pour a little lemon juice, that will take care of cleaning the cut thoroughly. Wet the cut in a little water and then stick it in powered cloves.

That should do the trick. The pain should go away and the cut certainly will heal a whole lot faster.

 Bladder Infections

For those who suffer from bladder infections, lemons are certainly a must.

Drink plenty of water adding lemon juice in each glass of water you drink. A couple teaspoons of lemon juice in each glass of water should do it.

Lemon and Warts

There are countless remedies for getting rid of warts. Here is one involving lemons, obviously. Rub lemon juice on the wart every day until the wart dissolves.

Not a very complicated treatment, but if you are not allergic it may be well worth a try.


Corns are really no fun. They can be painful and a real nuisance. Take some fresh lemon rind and place the inside of lemon peel over the corn. Fasten the lemon rind with a plaster or whatever.

Do it before you go to bed. Make sure the lemon rind is fastened securely so that it doesn’t fall off during the night.

Repeat this treatment every night. You should be getting great results within a week, maybe sooner.


Lemon Water

Lemon  waterLemons are extremely rich in Vitamin C. A lemon holds between 60 -100 mg of vitamin C depending on the quality and size.

The recommended daily dosage of vitamin C is somewhere between 75 mg and 90 mg.

Include one lemon in your diet every day and your body’s need for vitamin C will be taken care of.

A wonderful way to strengthen your body is to drink warm lemon water. For the best results use only freshly squeezed lemons in your water.

Keep in mind that lemon water stored in the refrigerator will lose about 20 % of the vitamin C after 24 hours. The lemon qualities changes as it is exposed to oxygen.

Drinking warm lemon water will give your immune system a real boost. Lemons help cleanse your liver.

Lemon water will help your digestive system work properly.  People who suffer from digestive difficulties should try drinking a glass of warm lemon water before each meal.

Lemons are also great for your skin. Drinking lemon water on a regular basis will make your skin glow and definitely look healthier.

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