Lemon Cleaning

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 Lemon Cleaning Benefits

Lemon cleaning is the way to go! Discover how you can use lemons  for cleaning purposes. Make sure to always have lots of lemons in your home.

Lemons can be used in a variety of different ways to keep your home clean and shiny without all those toxic cleaning products sold at high prices in the stores. Lemon Cleaning

Clean your kitchen cupboards

Kitchen cupboards have a tendency to get very greasy. They surely do need to get a good cleaning every now and again. 

Try using a mug of hot water mixed with about half a cup of lemon juice. Soak a rag or sponge in the water and lemon mixture and wipe those shelves clean from grease with a breeze.

Cleaning the Microwave

Put a half of a lemon in a bowl of water in your microwave oven. Cook it on the highest level for five minutes. You can also use a bowl of lemon juice if that is more convenient.

Now take a damp rag and wipe off that nasty burnt food easily. You just saved yourself lots of time!

Cleaning Your Windows

If you are lucky enough to have access to lots of lemons, you may never need to spend money on any window cleaning detergent again.

Cut a lemon into four pieces. Use one piece at a time. Rub your window glass with the lemon.

When you are finished wipe your window with a damp cloth and finally with a dry cloth. This works like magic!

An alternative is to wash your windows with water containing a few tablespoons lemon juice in the water. This works well if you do not have fresh lemons but do have bottled lemon juice.



Clean the Chopping Board

It is vitally important to keep your chopping board clean and free from bacteria. A chopping board may get food stains that are difficult to remove.

A great way to keep your chopping board clean is to scrub it with lots of lemons, squeezing out the lemon juice as you rub and scrub.

When you’re done rinse the chopping board with warm water.

Lemons are as we know highly antiseptic, your chopping board will be nice and clean without using artificially made cleaning products that may or may not be toxic.


Did you know that lemons are a natural insecticide?

House flies and mosquitoes do not go well with lemons. Lemons will help reduce to nuisance of flies and mosquitoes. Place lemon peals around your entrance.

Look around for places you suspect those nasty insects may try to enter your home uninvited and pour lemon juice around those spots and cracks.

Many do report that lemon juice is also effective to keep ants away. Be sure to squirt some lemon juice around your window sill.

Polish Cobber

A great way to polish cobber ornaments is to take half a lemon and dip it into salt and baking powder and then use it to rub on the copper.

Rinse with water and dry with a dry rag. This should make your cobber all nice and shiny again.

Furniture Polish

You need to polish your furniture from time to time if you want the wood to stay fine-looking.

An easy way to make homemade furniture polish is to mix olive oil with lemon juice.

Use twice as much olive oil as lemon juice. Your homemade furniture polish will work beautifully and help your furniture last longer.

Shiny Coins

This may very well be a fun cleaning project for your kids. To make dull cobber coins all nice and shiny use about the same method as you would use to polish cobber.

To make it easier just leave the coins in lemon juice mixed with a dash of salt overnight. In the morning wipe them off, rubbing then slightly with a rag.

Kids just love those bright shiny coins and it just might encourage them to make other things around the house equally shiny.

Polish Chrome and Aluminum

Lemons are perfect to clean chrome. Rub with lemons.

When you are done rinse with water and finally wipe with a dry rag.  The result will absolutely amaze you.


Use half a lemon and rub it on the stains on your crystal vase or crystal glasses. Wipe off the lemon with a damp cloth and finish up using a dry cloth.

Piano Keys

Lemons cut in half dipped in salt or a soft rag dipped in lemon juice is perfect for cleaning the piano keys. The juice from the lemon will help whiten the piano keys.

An even bigger advantage is the antiseptic qualities of the lemon. It is nice to know that all the germs on the piano keys from dirty fingers are gone for the time being.

Remember to rinse with a rag damp with clean water. Finally wipe dry.

Clothes Stains

Use lemon juice to get rid of those tough stains on your clothes. Rub some lemon juice on that nasty stain before washing your clothes as you normally would do.


You can safely use lemons to freshen up and clean leather. Just take half a lemon and use it to rub the leather to clean it. This works well with leather shoes, jackets and even leather furniture.

Freshen the Garbage Disposal

Use your left over lemon peel to freshen up your garbage disposal. Throw in the lemon peels, add some ice and grind.

The lemon rind will leave your garbage disposal smelling fresh and the ice will clean the blades.

The Vacuum Cleaner

Most of us have experienced that unpleasant odor that fills the room as we use the vacuum cleaner. The floors and carpets may look better, but the air certainly does not smell all that great.

The first thing that comes to mind is to open a window and let that fresh air flow through the room.

The next time you need to change your vacuum bag be sure to put a cotton ball dipped in lemon juice in the bag before you use it. You may still feel the need to open a window, but at least there will be lemon aroma in the room.

Start lemon cleaning today and enjoy your squeaky clean home!

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