Lemon Beauty

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Lemon Beauty Benefits

Lemons are great for skin treatments and supply awesome lemon beauty benefits. Lemon is a natural remedy. No guessing what mysterious stuff Lemon for beautysome manufacturers have put in the expensive lotions sold in stores. It is time to use the very best from nature.

One fair warning should be noted. Lemons are acid. It is strongly advised that you test on a small area of your skin before doing any full treatment.

Make sure you are not allergic.  Also remember never go out in sunshine after completing a lemon treatment.

Lemon on the skin combined with sun rays may cause the skin to burn easily. It is always a good idea to do any lemon treatment in the evening for the best results.


Soak your fingernails in warm water containing lemon juice for a few minutes. It will do wonders for your cuticles will be soft and easy to push back.

 Never cut your cuticles. This tiny strip of skin is needed to seal the area where the nails connect to the body and certainly helps prevent infections.  

Whiten Nails

Using lemon juice to whiten finger nails is harmless and effective. Get a bowl of lemon juice and soak your finger nails in the lemon juice for about 15 minutes.

Make it a special time and listen to your favorite songs while your fingernails get this special treatment. When you have finished the soaking process, rub your nails with white vinegar combined with water; half and half.

Last but not least rinse your nails under clean running water.


After soaking your feet in warm water, give your feet the “lemon treatment”.

Take half or a quarter of a lemon and dip in sugar. Use the sugar coated lemon to massage your feet.

Finally rinse your feet in lukewarm or cold water. You will be amazed how wonderful and revived your feet will feel.

If you don’t have a fresh lemon you can use a cotton pad, dip it in lemon juice and sprinkle some sugar on top.

Fight Dandruff

Have you tried all those expensive antidandruff shampoos and still experience dandruff?

Try lemon juice instead. Take the juice from a half a lemon and massage on your scalp.

Wash your hair as you normally would do, using mild shampoo.

Rinse your hair with water. Finally rinse your hair with a couple cups of water containing the juice of half a lemon.

Do this about three times a week until all the dandruff is gone.

Age Spots

Age spots are simply pigment left in the skin. You can use lemon juice to make these age spots fade some. Dip a cotton ball in some lemon juice and pat it on the age spots once a day.

Continue this process until you notice the age spots fading.

Some people have reported that it also can be done with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil, in which case you would use three times as much lemon juice as olive oil.


Clean Berry Stains on Your Hands

Picking blueberries does give great pleasure. Just think of all the wonderful dishes you can prepare with your own blueberries. The problem is that your hands may get some serious purple stains from the blueberry juice.

The next time you experience berry stains on your hands, you may want to rub them with lemon juice first.

After you have rubbed your hands with lemon juice you need to wash them with lots of soap and warm water. That should do the trick.

Sore Elbows

Do you suffer from rough skin on your elbows? Take half a lemon and add a couple drops of baby oil on the lemon. Put the lemon on your sore elbow and leave it there for approximately half an hour.

Rinse with lukewarm water.  If you find it exhausting holding the lemon in place on your elbow, you can fasten it with tape.


Dab lemon juice on the blackheads every evening before going to bed.

Rinse off the lemon juice in the morning. You may have to do this for a few nights, but it is well worth it. It is a natural, cheap and easy way to get rid of blackheads.


Place lemon slices directly on the skin. Leave it there for a few hours while relaxing.

After two to three hours remove the lemon and massage the skin with olive oil.






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